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News from WJ Crew

Don’t forget All Team Meeting August 30th, 2016 7:30 WJ Cafeteria

Yes, you should come. All squads are welcome to the meeting. It will be a (hopefully) fast-paced efficient night -- useful for novices and varsity who are participating in fall rowing. Please bring your rower, or your already signed Code of Conduct - available to download here. Code of Conduct form The Agenda for the meeting will include: things you will do - verify registration details, … [More...]

REGISTER HERE for fall rowing varsity, learn to row, and novice

Please register here for the fall season whether you are a long time varsity rower (welcome back), a new novice who has already done the August Learn to Row, or a rower interested in doing the one week September Learn to Row. Please try and get this done by August 28th, 2016, payment due August 30th at parent meeting. Medical Form send a scanned copy of your rower's medical form to … [More...]

Crew is Baaaaack!!! Freshman picnic, registration, all team meeting.

Summer is coming to a close and the fall crew season waits to greet us. 1. Freshman picnic is August 24th at 6pm. This is a big recruitment event for the team and recruitment is vital to our continued success. Rowers should plan to attend in WJ Crew gear to chat with incoming freshmen. There will be candy. 2. Registration deadline August 28th, 2016, payment due August 30th at parent … [More...]

WJ Crew recruiting new rowers for fall season

Crew is one of the few competitive sports that top athletes start in high school and college - not primary school. While skill increases with time, rowers have to be big enough to row. Athletes and those who want to become more athletic can all enjoy learning to row, learning the discipline of competition, and enjoy the thrill of success and winning. NBC did a nice video about crew for the … [More...]

What’s the best thing about crew?

  •  Making friends for life
  •  A sense of family
  •  Bonding
  •  Meeting people
  •  Pasta dinners
  •  The coaches
  •  Being part of a supportive team
  •  Winning
  •  Learning teamwork
  •  Being outside
  •  Having fun
  •  Spring regattas
  •  Getting in shape
  •  Team spirit
  •  Getting exercise
  •  Learning to work together

From a WJ Crew member …

Crew was something that I joined for the heck of it. I'd never been a really competitive person and I was always afraid of any other sport because I was afraid I'd mess up.

But crew was different. Rowing made me feel like I was part of something bigger and better, that I always had my teammates to fall back on.

That's one of the best things about rowing. You're never alone. It gave me things to do after school other than loiter around my house. It gave me the best friends I have right now. It gave me some of the best memories I've made so far in high school.

If it wasn't for crew, I'd probably be a different person right now honestly. I'm able to spend every waking moment with my best friends and do something I love every day. And winning a couple gold medals isn't so bad either.