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News from WJ Crew

Message from the coaches

WJ Crew Family, The entire coaching staff is extremely excited to get back to racing this weekend at Head of the Anacostia! We all look to continue the progress and success we have made in recent years. This year's crew has gotten off to a strong start with more than two eights of committed, returning varsity rowers on both the women's and men's teams. Last year represented a very successful … [More...]

Novice Parent Meeting: September 20, 2016 8 pm

New Parent Meeting We will be holding a New Parent Meeting following our Board Meeting on Tuesday, September 20 at 8 PM. We will introduce you to the coaches, the board, give you the handbook and otherwise answer as many questions as possible. You can pay your registration fee at this team meeting. Please contact Carlie Williams at: if you are unable to make this … [More...]

Novice Season Starts September 19th!

The September Learn to Row is next week, September 19-24! Even if you have participated in a Learn to Row with us before, it is recommended you participate again to meet your new teammates. There is no additional fee to come to a second learn to row. We are extremely excited to see all of you down at the boathouse! I will be sending out a comprehensive email this weekend about what to bring, … [More...]

Let’s get some spirit!

Sometimes you see something and you have to "go for it" and your WJ Crew gear team is ready to jump. Strideline will make custom socks for you - IF you order 30 pairs of a design. We were not able to decide which design we love the most (more like, we were not able to AGREE on which design we love the most). So we are offering two designs. If we get 30 orders for a design, we can order it. If we … [More...]

What’s the best thing about crew?

  •  Making friends for life
  •  A sense of family
  •  Bonding
  •  Meeting people
  •  Pasta dinners
  •  The coaches
  •  Being part of a supportive team
  •  Winning
  •  Learning teamwork
  •  Being outside
  •  Having fun
  •  Spring regattas
  •  Getting in shape
  •  Team spirit
  •  Getting exercise
  •  Learning to work together

From a WJ Crew member …

Crew was something that I joined for the heck of it. I'd never been a really competitive person and I was always afraid of any other sport because I was afraid I'd mess up.

But crew was different. Rowing made me feel like I was part of something bigger and better, that I always had my teammates to fall back on.

That's one of the best things about rowing. You're never alone. It gave me things to do after school other than loiter around my house. It gave me the best friends I have right now. It gave me some of the best memories I've made so far in high school.

If it wasn't for crew, I'd probably be a different person right now honestly. I'm able to spend every waking moment with my best friends and do something I love every day. And winning a couple gold medals isn't so bad either.